There’s MAGIC in a BB Frösch Workshop

Not only do you learn how to paint like a professional, you gain the confidence to transform your home into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s a little taste from a BB Frösch Special Event…

It started with a dream and a little elbow grease… Our BB Frösch Special Event on July 15th was a hit! Here is a little taste of what a BB Frösch Workshop is like. Thanks to The Mason Bar Company & Lemonade Kitchen for helping with our treats!

BB Frösch Master’s Workshops

We have BB Frösch Masters in several parts of the country teaching workshop possibly in your area, Please visit our BB Frösch Facebook page for a current workshop schedule.

BB Frösch Special Event Tour

Stay tuned, we will be announcing our BB Frösch Special Event Tour date soon!


What makes a BB Frösch workshop different?

Because the workshop goal is not to do a craft project, or even to show you how to paint just like the instructor, a BB Frösch workshop is a completely different experience. It will enable you, through chalk painting, to discover your own ideas of beauty and to transform your own environment with confidence.

You will leave  empowered to create, design, and transform virtually anything you want (kitchen cabinets, giant area rugs, treasured antiques, old-school metal lockers, vintage fabric chairs, the list in endless!) in a way that is beautiful to you (which, incidentally, may be completely different from OUR style!)