Rustic Textured

  • Paint one color using broad “hashtag” strokes.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Using 220 grit or lower sandpaper, and with flat fingers or a sanding block, gently distress areas where typical wear is expected (corners and edges.)
  • Dust sanded paint off with an old dry brush.
  • Apply BB Frösch Dark Premium Finishing Wax according to wax directions.

Alternative Method:

Use this method if you aren’t sure how “heavy” you want your dark wax to be.

  • After dusting distressed piece, spply BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax in clear.
  • Apply BB Frösch Dark Premium Finishing Wax to corners, edges and grooves.
  • Any areas that have more dark wax than is desired can be fixed by removing dark wax with a small amount of clear wax on a cloth.