How to Seal and Protect with BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax

BB Frosch Products-Finishing Wax

BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax dries quickly and cures within minutes.

The slight odor of the wax is the solvent that enables the wax to dry and cure quickly. The solvent evaporates quickly, instead of remaining on your finished piece for weeks as with other finishing waxes.

  • Make sure your piece is dry and free of any dust.
  • Using a wooden applicator, spread a thin layer of wax on the end of your wax brush.
  • Apply wax in broad even strokes covering no more than one square foot area at a time.
  • With a lint-free wax cloth, remove any excess wax.
  • If excess wax is difficult to “move” or appears “pilly,” the wax has either begun to dry, or you have used more wax than is necessary. No worries! Simply remove excess wax until wax cloth glides easily over surface, and use less wax next time.
  • If “dust” appears when you wax, your brush has accumulated excess wax.
  • Once excess wax has been removed and wax has dried (at least 15 minutes) buff to desired sheen using lint-free wax cloth.