I want to paint my kitchen cabinets…

We commend you! We love the confidence and faith in our product. And, we say GO FOR IT!

BB Frösch Chalk Paint powder can give you the ability to take on projects like kitchen cabinets affordably and with a professional-looking outcome.

However, we recommend a couple of things first:

  1. Consider taking a BB Frösch workshop. In addition to valuable hands-on experience, there are tips and tricks and techniques taught in this hands-on setting that will help make a project like this enjoyable and professional looking.
  2. If you’ve never chalk painted before, start with a smaller project to get a feel for how to make chalk paint work in your favor. There are many methods and techniques for achieving different looks. Practice will give you an opportunity to discover what suits you best.
  3. CLEAN your cabinets WELL! Use a de-greaser! Cabinets can be challenging to bond to, not because of the material of the cabinets, but because surface dirt and grease create a layer between your paint and the surface which means your paint is bonding to the grease, not the cabinet.
  4. Don’t be chintzy on your powder. Use a little extra if you need to, to aid in bonding.
  5. Seal your work! Cabinets are a high traffic area so we recommend two coats of wax. Make sure the first coat is dry, with excess wax removed, before applying a second wax coat.