How do I avoid bristles in my paint?

New brushes should be conditioned before the first use to avoid bristles.

Wet the brush, and swirl the brush in BB Frösch Brush Conditioning Soap*.  Rinse the brush, pulling the lather out until the water runs clear.  Beat the bristled end of the brush against the edge of a counter or sink to loosen wayward bristles.

Additional tips for adding life to your brushes:

While painting, always keep a jar of water nearby to place the brush in should you need to step away or take a break.  The water should not rise above the glued end of the bristles.  Don’t ever let your brush sit to dry with paint on it.

After every use, clean your brush using BB Frösch Brush Conditioning Soap. Not only will your brush get better with age, it should last for years.

*BB Frösch Brush Conditioning Soap was specially created to not only clean your brush, but to condition it at the same time. Think of what happens to your hair when you wash it but don’t condition it…You don’t want that to happen to the natural bristles of your brush! Our soap is not only amazing for brushes, it is amazing on your skin! How’s that for an added bonus?