Can I seal with Polyurethane? Or something besides wax?

Chalk painted surfaces can be sealed with any sealer used for paint including polyurethane, poly-acrylic, lacquer, etc.

They key is understanding your goals and the pros and cons of each kind of sealer.

We recommend wax for nearly every chalk painted project (with the exception of pieces that will be outdoors) for the following reasons:

  • Wax is more than a protective layer, it enhances the look of your chalk painted piece.
  • Wax is durable yet it has a professional, soft, smooth (not “plastic”) feel.
  • BB Frösch Premium Finishing Wax is EASY to apply! Unlike products that require multiple steps with lengthy dry times, waxing a typical piece like a dresser can be done, start to finish and fully dried, in about 20 minutes.
  • Life happens to furniture! It doesn’t matter what the sealer is, if your piece meets up with soccer cleats or spilled nail polish remover, etc. it is going to show! The awesome thing about wax is, when “life” happens, the affected area can be spot repaired without it being glaringly obvious. Polyurethane and the like require a complete re-do.
  • Wax does not yellow over time.