French Desk


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      Thank you! The brand of paint used is Behr–mixed with BB Frösch Chalk Paint Powder to create chalk paint. The color is a custom color match to ASCP “duck egg.”

      • Becky Braden says

        Thank you for the reply! I have printed a picture of your desk off and have on my bulletin board. It is my inspiration to paint beautiful things! 🙂

  1. Anne Cordell says

    I found a French desk like the one paint in the blue/white with stencils – where do I find the stencils? – and can you provide a few more details of which Behr shade help you get to duck egg? I do not have a website, I am very much wanting to be a Master and have several pieces of furniture collected in my garage, but it has been way to expensive to go the ASCP way……….so I am in love with this idea and look forward to purchasing the kit at Amber’s Umbrella at next Nov Market here in Las Vegas NV.
    Thank you so much for your time!! Anne 🙂

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